What I use for Cleaning

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
I am not a big user of chemicals, for they are not good for you. I use a few very cheap and simple items for cleaning, they are Rubbing Alcohol, Vinegar, Baking Soda and Bleach. I do use a degreaser called Awesome that I get form the dollar store about once a month. The awesome is good at removing blood and grease. I also make my own Laundry soap. I think I probably save around $100 a month of better since I am I make all my own cleaner. For windows I use equal parts of Rubbing Alcohol, Vinegar and water. I keep a 10% bleach solution on hand for spraying down stuff, along with a bottle of Vinegar and water. I am going to work on making something to spray in the air since I am having to keep the house closed up so much due to the heat and humidity.
I had called a good friend and was trying to tell her about my rooster that I am going to be keeping. I decided that I need to take some pictures of him but did one better and made a video of him and all the chickens that where out in the pen at the time. I am keeping the hens, pullet and the roosters that I am keeping locked up in the pen/coop for now. I have to many roosters and there were some trouble with gang raping my hens. That is one of the reason I lost the one hen that I did, she was gang raped and then the heat.
Here is the video

At this time the video link is not working.

If this does not work please leave me a comment, this is the first video that I have every posted.


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