settled in

Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Well, we are settled in and doing good. The chickens are taking up a good part of my husbands shop. I would really like to get them out of his shop so that he has room to do work, but that is going to be a while.

There is 4 foot fencing all around the top, so they don't get in the shop, but they still do at times. This pictures were taken in the morning. There run is covered and that is going to good for the winter. I do let them run all over the yard, hence why my yard looks like a chicken exploded in my drive way and every place, there are feather all over. I have only lost 4 since we moved in two of them were chickens \, one rooster and one older hen.
 Here is a picture of Buckbeak and Gimpy

Buckbeak has a very crooked beak and is about the size of a 4 week old where Gimpy is full size. These are the only two that hatched from the green eggs that I got. Gimpy got her name for when she had a bad leg and was in the playpen to recover. She is now doing good and stays with Buckbeck and looks after him. Buckbeak has run of the shop with Gimpy most of the time but they also go out with the rest. I am sure but I think Buckbeak is a rooster for he has long tail feather, but I really don't care as long as he is alive he is going to be here. He will run up to us when we are out but will not let you pick him up.
Right now I have 38 chickens we have put 5 roosters in to freezer camp and they were all from the first 16 I hatched. still have 4 more roosters there, not really sure from the 31 that hatched since I did sell a bunch of the pullets. Out of the 9 left form the mamma hens I think there is like 6 roos too. I can not win for loosing with getting hens. I plan on doing some more incubating after the summer cools down, and I get everything set up for it. No more brooder in the house, it will be in the garage. I have two large boxes form the chairs that we bought that I am going to use this time. The play pen is now used for hay storage and a place for hens to lay eggs if they are in the shop.


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