The Heat Take its Toll

Friday, July 6, 2012
Well the heat finally got to the chickens. Today Thelma got sick and I found her just in time again. The way I found here was that I was going to clean out there pool and put fresh water in it. I start to take water out and noticed that she was not moving out of the water. I Pick her up, which most of the time is impossible, put her in the pool of water to help cool her down. I then put her in the coop under the fan till I could get a place set up in the house for her for the night of time being. Now she is sleep in her box of shaving in her cage in the entryway of the house one a piece of box.
When my husband got home we left to go to dinner. When we got back I went to go check for eggs and give the chickens some scratch. I found that one of my hen was dead. She had been getting pecked and picked on and would never really leave the coop. I knew I was going to lose her if she did not get out of there, I had even put her outside at time or two and she would just go back in.
I really need to get rid of roosters I have way to many. It is just such a long drive to the auction anymore. We have been butchering out a couple each weekend but we are getting sick of doing that. it is just a lot of work, but the meat is good, much better than in the stores. Just with it being over 100 in the day by the time We get to it it is already hot out and who what that stuff laying around for two days. We are working on a pen for the roosters but again the heat and the lack of money is slowing that down too.
I have been giving my chickens "Chicken Gatorade" well that is what I call it. it is vitamin and all that for them. So I am now down to a told of 47 chicken. Some of the first ones I hatched back in Feb should start to lay soon, if they are not already doing that in the woods. I let all my chickens run loose with this heat being so back.


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