Freezer camp has open

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
This last weekend we finally got three of the dozen or so roosters in to freezer camp. What is freezer camp you ask? It is a very nice way of saying we butcher some of the roosters. We still have a few more to get done but we can only do two to three at a time for it takes us about 30 minutes per rooster. At 15 weeks old the roosters were still quite small after you take all the feathers off, but being that it is just the two of us they are a good size for us. We have deiced that we are going to skin all the birds that we send to freezer camp for we don't need to eat the skin.
I think I have lost a chicken or two since we have moved here. I know that my two barred Rock mutt hens keep hiding from all the other chickens for they are getting picked on by the roosters and  some of the other hens. I have tried to keep them separated from the main flock but they keep getting out of the shop. My husbands shop looks like one big coop since the babies have taken it over at night. Last night three of them hide in there from me when I did my nightly count.
Yesterday we got about 1 1/2 inch of rain which was very much needed.