The move is here

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
We are going to be moving over the next few days. I will not have internet for a week or so. I have a lot to move. Tomorrow we are going to be working on the Chicken coop. I will post before and after pictures after I get my internet back up and going. The renters that had lived there before the owner decided to sell had dogs int eh pen so there is a lot of cleaning to be done to the coop. Thursday we are going to be moving the big stuff and I hope the chickens to there new digs. I will also be inter grading all my chickens into one pen. I am going to keep Buckbeck(crooked beak) and 3 or 4 others separate since Buckbeck is so much smaller that being in a pen with 20+ others chickens would not be good for her. I did sell like 15 of my chickens yesterday and I could still get rid some roosters, but I think that I could use them as pest control for the yard.
The good thing about the new place is that I have one room that all I have to do is get two rugs and it is all done, and that is my master bathroom. I will take a lot of pictures after I get there.
We are going to be close to places to go fishing so I am going to be doing more fishing. I also have a lot of landscape work to get done. There is a lot to get done.


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