almost done moving

Monday, May 21, 2012
We are moved in but I still have a lot to get done. We had to do all the moving alone, just the two of us,s o it has been a long 5 days. Today we spent it shopping and with my daughter and her two kids. I will post much more in a few day after I get everything in order.
The chicken are doing good with having smaller quarters and that. It is only temporary, till they know where they are. We have cornered off a corner of my husbands shop for them at night and we are going to build it in to a coop before winter gets here. The older one did not even skip a day on the egg laying, but them we did move them at night. Momma and the babies are all over the place for I had to separate them from all the rest since ALL the chickens are in one place now. I really have to get rid of some roosters I have way to many, yet they are not big enough to butcher yet.


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