What the weekend is over

Sunday, April 1, 2012
This weekend was not all that bad. I had a friends kid stay over, we were going to make cookies or something but never got to it. We did get the two roosters up to the auction house and make $12.50 on them. The 5 week old chicks are out in the grow out pen with a light for at night so I can see what is going on out there.The grow out pen in less than 50 ft form my house and I can see it out the bathroom window in my room. The 31 week old chicks are in the play pen till they start to run out of room. I am not really sure what we are going to do once they are 5 weeks. I hope I will be able to tell for sure who is female out of the older ones by then to know if I can move them to the main coop from the grow out pen. That was all done Saturday. I was going try and get a make shift coop build on the grow out pen this weekend but it did not get done. They do have a dog house to use.
Sunday our friend brought 6 pallets and picked up his daughter. We looked at another house and well we put a bid on it. We will know more by Tuesday. It is nice and has just about all we want. The only thing that it don't have is a storm shelter but hey we can do that if we need. More on all that later, once we know what is going on better. Hey third time is a charm or is it three strikes your out, either could be true for this one.


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