Not much happen

Monday, April 23, 2012
There really is not a lot going on right now. We are still waiting for everything for the house to be done and get done. so far all is going well. There is only about a month till closing if the bank does not move the date.
All the chicks are doing good, one does have a crooked beak but is plugging along. I did take her out of the main brooder with three others so she could get food and water a bit better and not have to really fight for it. Crooked beak and the other three are the only "green" eggs that hatched so I really would like to make sure I know who they are. Two of them are Luckies eggs and look nothing like Luckie or the roosters that I had at the time. I really would like to have some green eggs at some point. I have had very bad luck with incubating green eggs. out of two dozen, not counting Luckies only 2 have every hatched for me. For now I am done with incubating since we are to be moving. I do have 14 eggs under a broody hen and another hen that is broody so I hope that all will be well there.
I now have two new Heirloom tomato plants to add the my collection of heirloom plants. I also was able to find some green/red bell peppers that were an heirloom verity. i moved my tow new tomato plants into the house last night since it was a bit on the cold side, going to move them back out in a bit.. My radish and green leaf lettuce are about ready to be harvested. The carrots are doing good. The seeds that I am using are not a heirloom type so I at some point I will have to get seeds that are. I will use the seeds that I have for now so I am not wasting them. 


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