Good Momma hen and not so good mamma hen

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Well 6 of the eggs hatched Monday and Honey thought that she was done wit  just the 6 so she moved off the rest of the eggs. I moved them back under my other broody hen and found out that was a bad idea. the 7th egg hatched and is doing good under Honey. Another egg Hatched but was left to get cold and die. At this point I moved the rest of the eggs into the incubator and if any hatch I hope to move them under Honey my good momma hen. Bad momma is in a cage off the ground to break her. None of the other hens bother the chicks.
I have 6 eggs in the bator and at least one of them had pipped. I will let honey set eggs again if she goes broody.
Moving is going to be a bit of a challenge with 64 or more chickens.


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