Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Well, yesterday we got the call that our pig was ready for pick up. He weighted in at 450 on the hoof and we are getter around 300 lbs of meat. We did not know that he weighted that much we though that he was at about 350. I really hope that I have the room in the freezer for all the meat. I had to move a bunch of the stuff that my landlord gave me out of my big freezer to my smaller freezer and still I wonder if there is going to be enough room.
Over this weekend I should be having a bunch of baby chick hatching. I have 41 eggs in the incubator with 2 of them being Lucky's that are due on Wednesday. I am going to try and put all the green eggs that hatch into there own box so I know how many of them I have. I will know know till they are older if they will also lay green eggs but who knows, they should. I am still very new to all this.


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