Sunday, March 4, 2012
Well, I got to go to the auction yesterday and I got 4 dozen eggs to go in the incubator.One of them got broke on the way home for it was so big. got me some EE eggs and man are some of them big at between 70g and 78g. The other three dozen are just a mix of brown eggs not 100% sure what they really are but was told they were RR, DOM, and BR. I will just be happy for them to hatch. I don't always have a great hatch rate with eggs I buy at the auction.
While I was at the auction I got a Oak table top for $5, all hubby has to do is make some legs for it after we get moved, I will look for chairs after we move, when we do. One more thing I got was some ball jars for $3 and hubby got handles for his splitting maul, 12 for $17.50. In the store they are like $5.99 each. He goes through one a year more of less.


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