Tuesday, March 6, 2012
This house hunting is really getting to me. Having enough room for all that I would really like to have is not easy. When I do find something that would be a good place either the house needs to much work for the type of loan we are going for or the price is a bit to high. One other issue is there might be more than one livable area on the land and that don't work either. I can find houses in the "city limits" all day long but that is not what we want.
I want to have a place where I can have chickens, rabbits, a pig, cow and other animals to eat. A place for my garden and some fruit and nut trees. Hubby would like to have a place to work on the truck or tinker with what every he has to. Having out building already there is a nice thing but we can get them if needed, if we have the money. We also would like to stay close to his work but not right in town.
We have though of just getting land and building something but again getting a loan for something like that is not going to happen. After all that has happen in the last few years getting a loan for just about any think to do with housing is not all that easy.
Now that it is getting to be gardening time I am not really sure what do to. I am going to plant a few things in what pots that I have. That way when we do end up moving I can take them with me. I am thinking salsa making stuff.
I am going to  be so happy when this is all over for then I will be able to eat with out the heartburn and tummy issues I am having with all the stress that I am under.


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