more babies are here

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Well the total of babies that I have is 30. I had a total of 31 out of 39 hatch and now I have more chicks than I really know what to do with. I plan on keeping all the hens for eggs, it is the roosters I am not really sure of. Right now I have 300 lbs of pig in my freezer and no room for any chickens. I don't even have room for a second freezer where I am.
Only 2 of my 11 green eggs hatched at all, in fact only two made it alive in to lock down, but I did not know that till after the hatch. I still have two eggs to hatch but I am not sure if they will. In total I have 4 of Luckies eggs that have or will hatch. I don't know at this time which of the 4 week chicks are from her eggs.

It really is getting to be time to put the 4 week old outside, I am just not sure of the temp outside over the next few week. They are just running out of room int he 36sq inch play pen, and they are beginning to really stink after just one day. I have to move the grow out pen and do a bit of work to it. That is going to be this weekend project. I am going to have to move some of the 30 littles in to the other brooder just so I have room for them all.

We are still on the look out for the perfect place to really get started on the homestead but again that just might take some time. I did find out that I could have a goat or two where I am and our landlord would really like for us to stay here but I don't really like the idea of renting and not being able to do my own stuff. Also I really hate to be in a manufactured(mobile) home. I found out that if a house is moved in on wheels it is a mobile home no matter what they call it and our loan will not work for one at all. In fact getting a loan for a manufacture(mobile) home is almost impossible these days.
We are going to be going and looking at a place this weekend but I am not really sure if it is what we want either. Being that I am left handed have a stove next to a wall on the left side I don't think is going to work for me. Also it is a galley style kitchen, I am not bit one them.


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