How does my garden grow?

Thursday, March 15, 2012
Well to answer this question I have to think outside the garden box this year. With a move to happen sometime this year planting a garden in the ground just seem to be a waste to me, so what I am doing is taking the soil out of the garden from last year(hey it is good soil) and putting it in container. Any container will do as long as it will hold a plant or more than a plant. I have a pepper, tomato, some lettuce and radish planted so far. I am going to have to find more container to plant more, but the good thing is I will be able to move them with us and not lose all that food. planting Carrots is a challenge since it has to be a deep container. I am looking at a tote of some sort but it also hast o be kinda light to be able to move later if need. A nice thing about doing my garden in container this year is I can have it closer to my back door. This is the main and only door that can be use really. The front door need stairs or something but can be gotten out of if you really need to. Hey I jumped out of it the other day to save a chicken, but she still passed away.
I really can not wait to get moved into a new place. It looks like we might be waiting for a bit since we are unable to find just what we are wanting. We are trying to save more money so that we might be able to get a higher priced house. I seem to be able to find houses that might work in the 125,000 to 150,000 range but we just can not make payment for a house in that range. I can also find house that might work that are in town but we really don't want to be in town either. Some of the other are right on a major Highway, been there, done that. There are two or three house that might work but they have more than one livable building on them and or loan just will not work for that. If we can get enough saved for the down and closing we might be able to get one of them. I can always turn a building into a barn or chicken house of some kind. They can even work for a rabbit room. Hubby will let me know when we have found the right place. I think he will know better than I will on this one. Hey that last two place I have pick really have sucked in the end.
The baby chicks are doing really good. I think I have a lot of rooster so will be filling up the freezer in May or June. I am getting 7 to 9 maybe 10 eggs a day, not sure if Thelma started to lay again or not. I think I saw her egg yesterday. On the 24th I should have more baby chicks hatching, not really sure how many will be coming but at last count I had like 36 eggs going. I will candle again tonight and again on the 21st to see what is going on. Looks like mot of the Green eggs that I got are no good. Might be one or two good  but will not really know till hatch day. With the cost of everything going up I might have to get into the rabbits a bit early just so we will have meat all the time. Looks like we might be eating a lot of pork, chicken and rabbit in the future. We might get a cow but I am not sure if we will, they are not to cheap. We should be getting our pig next week for the butcher, I can not wait.


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