more babies are here

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Well the total of babies that I have is 30. I had a total of 31 out of 39 hatch and now I have more chicks than I really know what to do with. I plan on keeping all the hens for eggs, it is the roosters I am not really sure of. Right now I have 300 lbs of pig in my freezer and no room for any chickens. I don't even have room for a second freezer where I am.
Only 2 of my 11 green eggs hatched at all, in fact only two made it alive in to lock down, but I did not know that till after the hatch. I still have two eggs to hatch but I am not sure if they will. In total I have 4 of Luckies eggs that have or will hatch. I don't know at this time which of the 4 week chicks are from her eggs.

It really is getting to be time to put the 4 week old outside, I am just not sure of the temp outside over the next few week. They are just running out of room int he 36sq inch play pen, and they are beginning to really stink after just one day. I have to move the grow out pen and do a bit of work to it. That is going to be this weekend project. I am going to have to move some of the 30 littles in to the other brooder just so I have room for them all.

We are still on the look out for the perfect place to really get started on the homestead but again that just might take some time. I did find out that I could have a goat or two where I am and our landlord would really like for us to stay here but I don't really like the idea of renting and not being able to do my own stuff. Also I really hate to be in a manufactured(mobile) home. I found out that if a house is moved in on wheels it is a mobile home no matter what they call it and our loan will not work for one at all. In fact getting a loan for a manufacture(mobile) home is almost impossible these days.
We are going to be going and looking at a place this weekend but I am not really sure if it is what we want either. Being that I am left handed have a stove next to a wall on the left side I don't think is going to work for me. Also it is a galley style kitchen, I am not bit one them.
Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Well, yesterday we got the call that our pig was ready for pick up. He weighted in at 450 on the hoof and we are getter around 300 lbs of meat. We did not know that he weighted that much we though that he was at about 350. I really hope that I have the room in the freezer for all the meat. I had to move a bunch of the stuff that my landlord gave me out of my big freezer to my smaller freezer and still I wonder if there is going to be enough room.
Over this weekend I should be having a bunch of baby chick hatching. I have 41 eggs in the incubator with 2 of them being Lucky's that are due on Wednesday. I am going to try and put all the green eggs that hatch into there own box so I know how many of them I have. I will know know till they are older if they will also lay green eggs but who knows, they should. I am still very new to all this.

How does my garden grow?

Thursday, March 15, 2012
Well to answer this question I have to think outside the garden box this year. With a move to happen sometime this year planting a garden in the ground just seem to be a waste to me, so what I am doing is taking the soil out of the garden from last year(hey it is good soil) and putting it in container. Any container will do as long as it will hold a plant or more than a plant. I have a pepper, tomato, some lettuce and radish planted so far. I am going to have to find more container to plant more, but the good thing is I will be able to move them with us and not lose all that food. planting Carrots is a challenge since it has to be a deep container. I am looking at a tote of some sort but it also hast o be kinda light to be able to move later if need. A nice thing about doing my garden in container this year is I can have it closer to my back door. This is the main and only door that can be use really. The front door need stairs or something but can be gotten out of if you really need to. Hey I jumped out of it the other day to save a chicken, but she still passed away.
I really can not wait to get moved into a new place. It looks like we might be waiting for a bit since we are unable to find just what we are wanting. We are trying to save more money so that we might be able to get a higher priced house. I seem to be able to find houses that might work in the 125,000 to 150,000 range but we just can not make payment for a house in that range. I can also find house that might work that are in town but we really don't want to be in town either. Some of the other are right on a major Highway, been there, done that. There are two or three house that might work but they have more than one livable building on them and or loan just will not work for that. If we can get enough saved for the down and closing we might be able to get one of them. I can always turn a building into a barn or chicken house of some kind. They can even work for a rabbit room. Hubby will let me know when we have found the right place. I think he will know better than I will on this one. Hey that last two place I have pick really have sucked in the end.
The baby chicks are doing really good. I think I have a lot of rooster so will be filling up the freezer in May or June. I am getting 7 to 9 maybe 10 eggs a day, not sure if Thelma started to lay again or not. I think I saw her egg yesterday. On the 24th I should have more baby chicks hatching, not really sure how many will be coming but at last count I had like 36 eggs going. I will candle again tonight and again on the 21st to see what is going on. Looks like mot of the Green eggs that I got are no good. Might be one or two good  but will not really know till hatch day. With the cost of everything going up I might have to get into the rabbits a bit early just so we will have meat all the time. Looks like we might be eating a lot of pork, chicken and rabbit in the future. We might get a cow but I am not sure if we will, they are not to cheap. We should be getting our pig next week for the butcher, I can not wait.

Chicken lose, chicken gained

Thursday, March 8, 2012
Well yesterday I lost Lucky the only hen that was laying green eggs. I have two of her chicks in the brooder now and I put the last two eggs that I got in the incubator after I found her. I am not sure if her offspring will lay green eggs, but I have a part of her still here. From now on my hens will be staying in the coop/run. I have removed the rooster for he seem to really like three of my good layers and they are starting to look beat up really bad.
I really don't need a roosters to get my eggs, just to have hatching eggs from the hen I already have. I did the math on the last eggs that I bought. I bought 48 eggs for $8.00 at the auction that breaks down to about $.17 an egg. One got broke on the way home for being so big. Even if only a handful of the eggs hatch I am still ahead from just getting chicks form a hatchery. I do plan on getting a few chicks from TSC to get some pure breeds. I really don't have to have the pure breeds I really just want to have a lot of different kind of chickens.

We are going to be looking for the right house and not just settling for what we can find that will work. We have a list of what we want in a house and we are going to be sticking to it. We are looking for 2 or more acres, with 4 to 5 being ideal, 1.5 to 2 bathrooms, have to have two toilets. A garage or workshop for hubby to play in. Basement or storm shelter for safety. Barn or out build for the animals. Room to store food for emergencies. A second heat source would be nice if it is out to far, I already did an ice storm and was with out lights and that for 6 days, some were up to 3 and 4 weeks with out. It might take some time, but I think that is the right thing to do. We might give a a few things but not to many. The right house is out there it just might not be on the market yet. I have the three sites that I use to look at house set at different setting so that I get a look at what will work the best for us.
Tuesday, March 6, 2012
This house hunting is really getting to me. Having enough room for all that I would really like to have is not easy. When I do find something that would be a good place either the house needs to much work for the type of loan we are going for or the price is a bit to high. One other issue is there might be more than one livable area on the land and that don't work either. I can find houses in the "city limits" all day long but that is not what we want.
I want to have a place where I can have chickens, rabbits, a pig, cow and other animals to eat. A place for my garden and some fruit and nut trees. Hubby would like to have a place to work on the truck or tinker with what every he has to. Having out building already there is a nice thing but we can get them if needed, if we have the money. We also would like to stay close to his work but not right in town.
We have though of just getting land and building something but again getting a loan for something like that is not going to happen. After all that has happen in the last few years getting a loan for just about any think to do with housing is not all that easy.
Now that it is getting to be gardening time I am not really sure what do to. I am going to plant a few things in what pots that I have. That way when we do end up moving I can take them with me. I am thinking salsa making stuff.
I am going to  be so happy when this is all over for then I will be able to eat with out the heartburn and tummy issues I am having with all the stress that I am under.
Sunday, March 4, 2012
Well, I got to go to the auction yesterday and I got 4 dozen eggs to go in the incubator.One of them got broke on the way home for it was so big. got me some EE eggs and man are some of them big at between 70g and 78g. The other three dozen are just a mix of brown eggs not 100% sure what they really are but was told they were RR, DOM, and BR. I will just be happy for them to hatch. I don't always have a great hatch rate with eggs I buy at the auction.
While I was at the auction I got a Oak table top for $5, all hubby has to do is make some legs for it after we get moved, I will look for chairs after we move, when we do. One more thing I got was some ball jars for $3 and hubby got handles for his splitting maul, 12 for $17.50. In the store they are like $5.99 each. He goes through one a year more of less.