That house that is not

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
The house that we had under contract is no longer under contract do to to much needing to be done for use to use the loan type that we have. To me this is a sign that we really did not want the house after all. We are going to be going out this Sunday and looking at 4 more. I know at least one or two of them should be in a lot better shape than the last one. If you really thing about it we did not need 26 acres that we were not going to be using.
With my husband work up to 12 hours a day(drive time too) 5 and 6 days a week(some 7) we would have time to tend everything that needed tending, and I sure as heck am not doing it alone.

All I need is enough land with a house that is not right next to another house where I can have my chickens, some rabbits, a pig and maybe a cow and some goats. Room for some square foot garden boxes(4x 8 or 12). Room in side for storing long term food items and canning. Really I could do it on an acre.
On a lighter note the chickens are loving there free range time, which is most of the day. All are laying in the nest boxes or where they are suppose to be. The babies(chicks) should be here on Monday night Tuesday morning so I am having to get there room ready. Being that this is the first hatch of the year I have to clean out the brooder room. So far there are 16 out of 20 and I think that is a very good number.
*funny for the day*
Snowflake love to take the insole out if my husbands boot and  treat it like a mouse, I do not know why this is but she loves to play with them boots. Sticks her head inside(PU) and attack it all.


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