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Monday, February 13, 2012
I am going to do my best to do a Recipe of the day. I may not get one up everyday but I will do my best. I might post 2 or 3 recipes in one day that I will be using that day but then I might not post another one for 2 or 3 days. Also if I make a "mix" and use it again to make another recipe I will post the recipe again but I might not have to make it at that time since I have some on hand already.
Something about the recipes that I make that I would like to let everyone know, I will be using what I have on hand or what I use everyday. See I shop at Aldis, I will be using there brands. I don't really use a lot of BRAND name items. If a recipe calls for a NAMED BRAND I will not go buy it just to make that one recipe, I will use the brand that I use daily.
I have also created a recipe archive page that I will be putting all the recipes that have been in Recipe of the day. I am doing this for two reasons, 1 so I have them close at hand and 2 so that everyone can see what I have tried.
At time I might post a recipe that I have made up myself or an idea that I tried with one of the many gadgets that I have. I have some that I have had for over 10 years and I have not used them much of late. I think that is due to a small kitchen and really no place to have them for easy access. I know of one that might be a very hard one to replace, but I love it.
As I have said "please leave comments on what you think of a recipe" I would like to know what you think. Also if you can review any recipes at the site that you have gone to to let the author know that you liked it. All the sites are FREE.


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