Hatching time at last

Monday, February 6, 2012
Well I am going to start hatching at last. I have a rooster that I am going to be getting rid of and I would like to try and have some hens that are from him. I am not 100% sure that all the eggs that I have in the incubator are fertilized by him but that is ok for I am going to be keeping the other rooster that I have. I put 20 eggs in the incubator at 9:00 PM tonight.
Last year I had more roosters than hen hatch and I am hoping that this year I have more hens than roosters, I really do not need any roosters for a while. Being that it is still early and I am not going to be butchering any out till at least after it warms up outside. It might be a bit hard to get some baby chicks moved if we move at the end of march.
That is a BIG IF since I am still waiting for word form the realtor on a house we put an offer on Saturday. the wait is only till 5 PM tomorrow.


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