Al the babies are here

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Well I had a 100% hatch rate and that is 16 total. they are doing
really good in there playpen brooder.
I am hoping that this Saturday I will be able to go and get some eggs from the auction to hatch next.
We are still looking for a house and at this time have to that we are going to be putting offers in on, one at a time of course. I am so itching to be able to bake and cook the way I love to. Tonight I am making a Quiche even though I really don't like to use my oven. Waiting for stuff to happen is not something that I am good at. There is a lot that I can be doing but I feel that doing any of it would be a waste at this time for I would either have to move it all or something.

Living the way that I would like to live might be a bit hard with all the crap that is going on with the "raw" food stuff. I don't see why we can not have the "raw" food if that is what we want to have. It is our lives and I really don't see why any one can tell me how to eat or what to eat. I will eat the way I want to eat, and eat what I what to eat. If I choose to milk a cow or goat and drink it in my own house then that is what I will do. For the most part I would like to live as close to the way out families did 150 yrs ago. I will grow what I can and buy what I must.
I watch shows that help teach me what it is that I really need to know. What I can not watch I read about. I have been studying for the last 5 yrs for this. I learn more everyday. I fell that if I really had to I could make it without a lot of what we have. Yes I enjoy having my computer and TV but I don't have to have them. I know how to do without if I have to. I might not really like it but if I had to I can do it.


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