After the Move

Saturday, February 11, 2012
After the move I hope to be able to start a new part to my blog that I will call Recipe a Day. In that I will try a recipe and give my take on it. Anyone that would also like to try the recipe can and all I ask is that you leave a comment on what you thing of the recipe. If you like this idea and you would like to follow along just follow my blog it is FREE. I will be working on getting set up over the next few weeks. Testing what will work on my blog ans all that. Please let me know if it works or if you like it. I am not really sure how all of this is going to work so please bear with me as I work it out.
This is going to be sometime down the road for first I have to get my house and get moved in. I hope to be able to take two week to get all moved and all that. We do have a lot to move and a lot to get rid of. I am going to be getting new stuff for my kitchen this next Christmas since that is when I will have enough money to buy a New dehydrator and a Kitchen Aid mixer.
I think the kitchen is going to be the first room that is going to be getting a make over some what. I will post pictures of the Kitchen once we get moved in and then some of the after shots once we get the work done. The very first thing that is going to have to be taken care of is a place for the chickens and a fenced in area for the dogs for when we are not at home. I am so tired of Sadie getting stuff off the kitchen counters and eating it or just moving it to another room. I mean she is getting to where she can take a GLASS bowl and move it to the living room and clean it out with out breaking it. Yes Sheba helps once it is on the floor but it is Sadie that gets it down. I have had enough of it so after we move they will be going outside in a pen while we are OUT.
Before we move I am going to be giving my landlord a rooster and 4 hens maybe more. I don't what to have to many in the little building that is there, that I am going to have to use for them till something else can be done. Right now we are still waiting for the loan and repairs to be made. Should be sometime in March when we move, if things stay on track.


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