Why under the roost

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
I guess some one forgot to lay there egg yesterday or some one is going to start laying again or is just getting started for this morning I found a broken egg under the roost. This is the first one I have found under the roost. The shell was not all that strong for I have dropped one of my eggs 3 ft and it did not break like this one was. We really have to work at cracking one or the eggs.
I have bee really hard at it getting my house back in order. I have gotten all but two rooms done and have keep the kitchen up for the last 4 days. for me that is a big feat. I have made one dust cover for my swifter floor duster and two pot holder for myself. I plan on make a few dusters covers for my swifter duster wand once I get the yarn. With working on keeping a cleaner house I am going to need all these things. Doing a little each day and you will never have to do spring or fall cleaning. I will say this when I move out of this place it is going to be a heck of a lot cleaner than when I moved in, if I keep up with my daily cleaning chores. speaking of chore list I better get to it, today I am going to tackle the "brooder" room. I have to get that ready for in Feb I plan on starting my hatching if the weather keeps warmer than normal.


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