Friday, January 13, 2012
Well, with a bit of research and time I have come to realize we are going to most likely be wait another year to buy a house. We still have some bills to get paid off, need to get a savings account started and thanks to a major foul up with the bank account, getting a loan this year is most likely out of the question. Also loan companies are now looking for 2 years of rental history. We are going to have to sit here for another year. I am not saying that we could not get a loan but the chances of us getting one this year is going to be a tough one.
I will still keep an eye on the few house that we are looking at. I hope that some of them are still there when we are all ready to buy a house. I just hope the market for house don't change to much over the next year of so. Maybe just maybe something will come on the market that is in the area we would really like to be in.  It is going to be another long year.


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