On the hunt for a house

Monday, January 9, 2012
I fell this is the year that we are going to buy the house we are meant to have. We looked at three yesterday and two were nice. One was on a semi busy Highway and that is not what we want, plus it was boxy, not open to where we could talk while cooking. The second one was open, in a very nice location, but the location was also the draw back for in "bad" and I mean BAD weather we would never get out. To many low water bridges and the land did flood out this last year from the floods that we had, but besides all that, we did love the 70+ year old house. The third was a mobile that was 17 years old and would have need TLC for some time from the age of it.
The call them mobile or manufactured homes but in all reality they are a disposable home if you ask me, If they are not well taken care of in the first place they are not going to last more than 10 to 15 years. We have deiced to take mobile/manufactured homes out of the looking process just for this reason. We are now going to start to look the work location int he center and not really worry much about other stuff.
All we really need is a good size kitchen so I can put up food in the winter. A yard to keep the dogs while we are not at home(they got into to much last night while we are out). Room for the animals that I would like to have to keep in the freezer all the time, Chickens, Rabbits, goats, and pond full of fish and a pig every other year. That right there would take care of all our meat needs and eggs too. Okay, a cow now and them too. Yes, the cost of feed can be high but the quality of meat and eggs is so much better for you.


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