Friday, January 13, 2012
Well, with a bit of research and time I have come to realize we are going to most likely be wait another year to buy a house. We still have some bills to get paid off, need to get a savings account started and thanks to a major foul up with the bank account, getting a loan this year is most likely out of the question. Also loan companies are now looking for 2 years of rental history. We are going to have to sit here for another year. I am not saying that we could not get a loan but the chances of us getting one this year is going to be a tough one.
I will still keep an eye on the few house that we are looking at. I hope that some of them are still there when we are all ready to buy a house. I just hope the market for house don't change to much over the next year of so. Maybe just maybe something will come on the market that is in the area we would really like to be in.  It is going to be another long year.

On the hunt for a house

Monday, January 9, 2012
I fell this is the year that we are going to buy the house we are meant to have. We looked at three yesterday and two were nice. One was on a semi busy Highway and that is not what we want, plus it was boxy, not open to where we could talk while cooking. The second one was open, in a very nice location, but the location was also the draw back for in "bad" and I mean BAD weather we would never get out. To many low water bridges and the land did flood out this last year from the floods that we had, but besides all that, we did love the 70+ year old house. The third was a mobile that was 17 years old and would have need TLC for some time from the age of it.
The call them mobile or manufactured homes but in all reality they are a disposable home if you ask me, If they are not well taken care of in the first place they are not going to last more than 10 to 15 years. We have deiced to take mobile/manufactured homes out of the looking process just for this reason. We are now going to start to look the work location int he center and not really worry much about other stuff.
All we really need is a good size kitchen so I can put up food in the winter. A yard to keep the dogs while we are not at home(they got into to much last night while we are out). Room for the animals that I would like to have to keep in the freezer all the time, Chickens, Rabbits, goats, and pond full of fish and a pig every other year. That right there would take care of all our meat needs and eggs too. Okay, a cow now and them too. Yes, the cost of feed can be high but the quality of meat and eggs is so much better for you.

Why under the roost

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
I guess some one forgot to lay there egg yesterday or some one is going to start laying again or is just getting started for this morning I found a broken egg under the roost. This is the first one I have found under the roost. The shell was not all that strong for I have dropped one of my eggs 3 ft and it did not break like this one was. We really have to work at cracking one or the eggs.
I have bee really hard at it getting my house back in order. I have gotten all but two rooms done and have keep the kitchen up for the last 4 days. for me that is a big feat. I have made one dust cover for my swifter floor duster and two pot holder for myself. I plan on make a few dusters covers for my swifter duster wand once I get the yarn. With working on keeping a cleaner house I am going to need all these things. Doing a little each day and you will never have to do spring or fall cleaning. I will say this when I move out of this place it is going to be a heck of a lot cleaner than when I moved in, if I keep up with my daily cleaning chores. speaking of chore list I better get to it, today I am going to tackle the "brooder" room. I have to get that ready for in Feb I plan on starting my hatching if the weather keeps warmer than normal.

Happy New Year

Sunday, January 1, 2012
Well the New Year is here and like every year I have made some changes to do better this next year, Like I will keep them. If anyone out there has the same trouble that I have with keeping the house clean there is an app for iphone/ipad  called motivated mom 2011 and it is free. Why pay for the new when you can use the old. I am just going to use lasts years and see how it goes. You can still add your own in. So far it have been a great help and I have only had it since last night. I got my kitchen all cleaned last night. There are some that I feel need to be done more often and I just make them a new one for when I think it should be done and hide theirs.
I did get a lot done today, I cleaned out the one room that was the construction room for all the remodeling that the landlords ex girlfriend was doing to the place till we moved in. A week later it all came to an end. There was a lot of trash that would not have been used for anything. There are still two windows in there that need to be put in, I will get hubby to do it. I now have most of my crafting supplies in there and am going to use it for sewing and a room that can be slept in if we ever have guest.
I am going to work on making more of the item to sell this year, of course I did start late in the year last year. I am also going to make some stuff for my self. I am in real need of pot holders and a place to put the extra toilet paper roll that is close to the toilet. It really sucks if you run out and there is no one to get you a roll. I am sure there are other things that I need and I will make them as I come across what it is that I need.
As I have said we are going to be starting to look a bit harder for the right house that is for us. I really don't see us finding it to fast, there is not that much in our price range in the location we are looking in. It is hard to look in any other areas with my husbands work and not really wanting to like is a wet county. The county that we moved from is now wet and there wine & beer just about ever place. We are not drinkers and since I grew up around all that I just don't like to be near it at all.
I am not sure if I am going to be putting in a garden this year, since I really do not know if we are going to be here that long. I am going to  hatch chicks and raise more of them for I need the eggs to sell. If I do a garden it is still going to be a small one since I have no way to really water a garden that I would put in the garden plot that is here. I do have my 16 sq ft plot and I will plant it with early harvesting stuff.