The nest box please, put them in the nest box

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
I have one chicken that is now laying on the ground. I have no idea who it is but I think it might be Miss America or Cleo since they are the last two that I have to start laying. Cleo has been checking out the nest boxes. The last two eggs that I have found have been cracked for they were laid very close the wall. I have put some more wood shaving in the area for I really don't care that one of  the girls are laying on the ground. I just need to make it a bit better for the eggs. At first I thought that there were not enough net boxes and I added another one but that did not work, for the egg was again on the ground.
Cleo is now letting me pet and pick her up. I think she has picked me as her rooster for this is getting to be a daily thing. I love that this is happen for I think she is so soft. There are a few of the others that are also letting me pet them a bit. I even got to pet Oreo and Mr. Fancy once or twice.
I am now getting up to 7 eggs. I do keep track of my egg count daily. yesterday I got 6 eggs, one on the ground that I did not count and Lucky(green eggs) did not lay so that would be up to 8 in a day.


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