First Snow of the Season

Monday, December 5, 2011
Well, today we are getting the first snow of the season, and Honey laid her first egg. Why is it that the weatherman will say little to no accumulation, yet the ground is becoming covered with all the snow that is coming down. So far the streets and that are not getting covered for they are to warm still. To top it all off we are out of wood to start fires, and running low on wood to burn. I am so thankful that we moved the first of the yr for now I have central heat along with the wood heat.
This is going to be the chickens first winter and this is the first snow that they are seeing. I have a tarp over have of there run, but with all the rain that we had over the last two days it is very mucky. The snow is starting to stick to the side that does not have the tarp. The chickens are staying in there coop for the most part. They do have to come out to get drinks. From time to time they will come out and look around.
This next spring I am going to try and get the run fixed so that the water from rain will not sit in there. That mean digging up a lot of rocks and dirt and putting in sand. At this time we are planning on staying here for sometime so fixing up stuff for the landlord is not a problem for us, since he is a good friend.
I got Finches that are play in the snow right outside of my door. I have put some corn out there for them and they are all around it at this time.
A guick not to any that might play World of Warcraft. I can be found on Blackhand, in a guild named The Fighting Buddhists on the horde side. Just look for Tazztraz, Tazzline, or Areline. I am always looking for people to talk to.


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