Christmas present

Monday, December 26, 2011
I got a very different kind of present this year. This year one of the 4 chickens that I still have name laid there first egg. My husband named the WLRC This one and That one. This leaves two that still needs to be named.
Today I thing that another one might have laid there first egg, not 100% sure of that. I only got 6 eggs. With only getting 6 eggs, and all of them being the colors it is really hard to tell. If two more did start to lay, then I should be getting up to 11 a day.the most I will ever be able to get in a day will be 13, since that is the number of pullet/hens that I have.
In Feb. I will start to put eggs in the incubator. I would like to be to have around 24 eggs in a day. When I do start to incubate I am going to be helping out my landlord by giving him some hens so that he will have his own eggs. I can not wait till it is time to. Be using the incubator. I am also going to buy eggs so that I can get different kinds. Can not wait to see what I will get this year. What I have is most likely all barnyard mutts, but the two WLRC hens that I have.


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