Its becoming winter

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Winter is upon us and that means that i am not going to be posting as much. Not a whole lot happens in the winter. So far the biggest things to happen are the mice are starting to come out of there hiding place and the cats are catching them on at a time, up to 6 in a day, even Sheba helps. I am spending more time on  my game than anything else, well it is winter.
The chicken are slowly laying more eggs, we are up to 6 but most days it is 4 or 5. I did have to move a rooster out of the main coop. I hope that he will be ok alone in the pen with just a dog house to use for shelter. If not no big lose. I really don't need 3 roosters and even 2 might be to much for the 15 hens. I do think some of the hens(pullets) are going to wait till spring to start laying.
At this time post are going to be few and far between since it is winter and there is not a whole lot going on.
Every one have a warm and safe winter.


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