Its becoming winter

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Winter is upon us and that means that i am not going to be posting as much. Not a whole lot happens in the winter. So far the biggest things to happen are the mice are starting to come out of there hiding place and the cats are catching them on at a time, up to 6 in a day, even Sheba helps. I am spending more time on  my game than anything else, well it is winter.
The chicken are slowly laying more eggs, we are up to 6 but most days it is 4 or 5. I did have to move a rooster out of the main coop. I hope that he will be ok alone in the pen with just a dog house to use for shelter. If not no big lose. I really don't need 3 roosters and even 2 might be to much for the 15 hens. I do think some of the hens(pullets) are going to wait till spring to start laying.
At this time post are going to be few and far between since it is winter and there is not a whole lot going on.
Every one have a warm and safe winter.

More eggs

Friday, November 11, 2011
Slowly the pullets are starting to lay eggs I am now up to 5 I think, I know 4 for sure. It is nice to be getting eggs even though it is getting colder out. At least I know I will not have to buy eggs anytime soon. Here before long I should be able to give some eggs to my friends and family.
The pig is not going to be going to the butcher shop till after the winter. Not really sure if we are going to be getting a cow next yr our not. Cows can take up to 2 yrs to be ready to butcher out. I would really like to be able to get some rabbits this next year, but am not sure where I would put them at this time. I would like to have a shed or something to put them in so that the wind would not get to them to much.
I am working a lot on crafts at this time. I am also playing a lot of World of Warcraft.

Getting cold, work on crafts

Saturday, November 5, 2011
There is not a lot going on around here with the weather getting colder. The older 2 chickens are now molting so they are not laying any eggs, and only 2 of the pullets are laying. I hope that some of the others start soon. It has been getting colder so DH is out getting fire wood.
Thursday I had to take my dog Sheba to the vet and she had to stay the night since she had what is called Bleeding Gut. There is a  long technical name for it but this is the lame mans term. She is doing much better and is rest most of the time. I was able to bring her home last night. She made it through the night with out getting sick and that is a very good thing since that was one of the big signs of the Bleeding Gut. She still have her IV tube in but I am going to be taking that out later today since we have not had to use it since she has been home. The vet send home all that I would need to give her fluids and keep her good if needed. It was not needed.
I have finally started making some craft items to sell. Mostly I am making dish cloths, scrubby's for doing dishes and some towel holders. The are selling faster than I can make them. I started with a pattern and then made up my own for them. The scrubby's are cotton on one side and nylon on the other so that they are good to use on any dish. I only sell them at Waldron's Cafe in Kingston AR. They may not always have then in but I do my best to keep something up there at all times, but at time they sell out faster than I can get them there on Fridays.
Well, I guess I better get back to it. I have a lot to get done by this next Friday. I really need to get more scrubby's done.