Sugar or Spice lay there first egg

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Today I was filling up the feeder and found one of the twins in the nest box. Once she saw me she got out with a look like "I am not suppose to be in there". I went back about a hour of so later and there in the box was her first egg.

Sugar or Spices first egg at 43g
next to one of Louise's large(61g) egg

I will be keeping an eye on the weight of all the eggs for yesterday Louise laid a XL one. I am hoping that Thelma will start to lay again really soon. It have been two week tomorrow since she stopped sitting on the nest. If she starts to lay again and the twins are starting to lay I should not have to buy any more eggs form the store.
Here in the next few week we are going to be butchering more of the roosters. I know of at least two of them that will be going very soon. I am also going to be butchering   out all the WLRC for all they are doing is eating a bunch of feed and not gaining the weight that they should to make them a good weight at 12 weeks.. I should be able to get all the chicken that I need just by butchering out all the roosters that I get from hatching eggs for the 3 to 4 months that I do it.
Later this month the pig is going to be going to the butcher shop to be done. I will post what all we get once I get it. I am hoping that I get all the fat so that I can make it into lard and save having to buy shorting. Remember before there was shorting they used lard or butter. Saving money is always good.


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