Not much happen

Monday, October 17, 2011
There really is not a lot going on this way at this time for Winter is on its way and only one of the 5 pullets has started to lay. I will be starting on my crafts and playing my game now that winter is upon us. I now have a place where I can put my crafts to sell them to try and make a bit of money. Right now my game is taking up most of my time. I happen to be very addicted to World or Warcraft.
Wasp are making there way into the house almost daily and I have to kill them. I know that they are just looking for a warm place to spent the cold winter but it is not going to be in my house.
Will be butchering around 8 or 9 roosters this next weekend to put int he new freezer that we got. The pig should be going to the butcher shop in the next week or so I hope. with all the chicken and pork we should not have to have any meats but beef and fish for the winter. DH is going to try and get a deer or two this yr so that we have that too.
I am going to start dehydrating frozen veggies and potatoes to have on hand for winter. Around here you never know what is going to happen. One year we had  an Ice storm and was with out power for 6 days, last year we had 18+ inches of snow and I was stuck at home for a few days, so now I try to always be ready since I now live 35 miles from town.


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