yesterday was our first butcher day

Monday, September 19, 2011
My husband and I have been talking about butching since we started raising chickens. Well yesterday we did it. We butchered Mr. Fancy Pants that was one of the ones I raised from an egg. He was turning mean and I had to get rid of him for he could not be with the others. It took about 45 minutes to get him all done for we had to keep coming in the house to look at the pictures on the computer. I use the neck, heart and liver and gave them to the cats and dogs. We just cut the tail off and trashed it. I might have not got every feather off  the bird but I will go over more when I get ready to cook it. Most of the ones that I missed were new feathers that were just starting to come in and I could not get them. We are going to more of the roosters after we get back from vacation and we have the freezer in place.
I was thankful that yesterday I also got a kitchen scale so I was able to see how big he was. Our first chicken to butcher weighted 3 lbs 1.5 oz. I also weighted some of the eggs that I had in the fridge. they ranged from 58g to 61 grams I have added the chart for egg size so that you can all see that my eggs are close to the ex large end.
Over the next three days or less I have to get the chicken fencing on the bottom of the coop pen so that the baby chick that is due to hatch on Wed will not be able to get out. I have no idea if the little guy is going to make it with it getting colder out there. I also have to clean out the grow out pen so that we can put the dogs in there over next weekend for out vacation.


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