NO baby chicks

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Well, yesterday I checked on the egg and she had broke it so I am not going to have any baby chicks so I don't have to fix the bottom of the fence at this time. I do however have to break Thelma of sitting. So far today I have gotten my one egg and have turned the nest boxes around so that no one can get into them.If the pullets are going to pick today to start to lay they are just going to have to lay on the floor of the coop or pen. So far this is working for she is out in the yard walking around.
Over the next few days I am going to have to get this house picked back up. I would like to have it all cleaned up before we leave on Friday for our Mini vacation. Today I am working on the laundry along with a bit here and a bit there. I have the kitchen, living room, bedroom and two bathrooms to get cleaned. I could do it all in one day but I would not have time to do anything else that day like be on the computer or work on my knitted afghan that I am working on. You can see the pattern that I am doing at Ravelry. I will start to keep all the projects that I do at the site. I am "wowmanacat" there and a few other place. "Kat868" at Cafemom. At some places I am Ms. Mayham.  Well, I better get to the cleaning. There is a lot to get done.


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