Loving the changing of the weather

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
I love the changing of the weather for I get to start doing crafts that are big and bulky. I am finding that knitting goes faster that crochet and look much nicer. I am still learning all there is to do with knitting I still have a long way to go. I have already got about 15% of the blanket done and I plan to work on in daily till it is done. That should be the end of the month or sooner. I would like to get back to sewing too but need to get supplies. I always need something for one of the crafts that I do.
The garden is about done for the year. I still have tomatoes, peppers and watermelon growing but not sure if I will get any off the plants. I do not plan on getting any heirloom plants anymore for I find that they are not worth it. I got a tomato this yr and only got about 12 tomato off the plant but also we had a very hot summer. I am thinking of trying a small herb garden in the house for the winter and see if it will grow.
I am going to have to figure out which of the roosters that I am going to be getting rid of or butching. I have a 6 roosters and 11(2 hens 9 pullets) that ratio is  not good, and that is just the main coop. The pen is like 7 roosters 4 pullets. I only got 2/2 with my WLRC and they are going to be my meat birds. That is going to be a slow start. I might not get any eggs form my pullets till next spring, for I have no ideal for sure if there line came from a hatchery or if they are heirloom breeds. All I do know is that I bought eggs at the local auction, hatched them and I got chickens. I don't know much about the breed that I have or any of that.
Well, we are going to be going to Hot Spring AR at the end of the month so I have to move chickens out of the pen so I can put the dogs in there for the weekend. I also have to get rid of some of the roosters. That will have to happen this weekend. I will post pictures of the roosters and put a pole up for all to help.


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