Some of the Roosters need to go

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Harry(son of Speckles)

Mr. Fancy Pants(will be out of here)

Mr. Fancy

Out of here, no white chickens

Out of here 2

These are the 6 roosters that I have. I have no ideal what breed Oreo and Mr. fancy  are. I think Mr. fancy Pants is a RIR and Harry is a Barred Rock mutt. I  really don't want any white chicken for out here everyone thinks that are Tyson chickens for I live in Tyson country. You can not make good money with them.

UPDATE: I am down to three roosters to keep, but that is still way more than I need. I will just wait and see which of them becomes a good roosters for the girls and that will be the last of it. I know that might be a bit.


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