NO baby chicks

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Well, yesterday I checked on the egg and she had broke it so I am not going to have any baby chicks so I don't have to fix the bottom of the fence at this time. I do however have to break Thelma of sitting. So far today I have gotten my one egg and have turned the nest boxes around so that no one can get into them.If the pullets are going to pick today to start to lay they are just going to have to lay on the floor of the coop or pen. So far this is working for she is out in the yard walking around.
Over the next few days I am going to have to get this house picked back up. I would like to have it all cleaned up before we leave on Friday for our Mini vacation. Today I am working on the laundry along with a bit here and a bit there. I have the kitchen, living room, bedroom and two bathrooms to get cleaned. I could do it all in one day but I would not have time to do anything else that day like be on the computer or work on my knitted afghan that I am working on. You can see the pattern that I am doing at Ravelry. I will start to keep all the projects that I do at the site. I am "wowmanacat" there and a few other place. "Kat868" at Cafemom. At some places I am Ms. Mayham.  Well, I better get to the cleaning. There is a lot to get done.

yesterday was our first butcher day

Monday, September 19, 2011
My husband and I have been talking about butching since we started raising chickens. Well yesterday we did it. We butchered Mr. Fancy Pants that was one of the ones I raised from an egg. He was turning mean and I had to get rid of him for he could not be with the others. It took about 45 minutes to get him all done for we had to keep coming in the house to look at the pictures on the computer. I use the neck, heart and liver and gave them to the cats and dogs. We just cut the tail off and trashed it. I might have not got every feather off  the bird but I will go over more when I get ready to cook it. Most of the ones that I missed were new feathers that were just starting to come in and I could not get them. We are going to more of the roosters after we get back from vacation and we have the freezer in place.
I was thankful that yesterday I also got a kitchen scale so I was able to see how big he was. Our first chicken to butcher weighted 3 lbs 1.5 oz. I also weighted some of the eggs that I had in the fridge. they ranged from 58g to 61 grams I have added the chart for egg size so that you can all see that my eggs are close to the ex large end.
Over the next three days or less I have to get the chicken fencing on the bottom of the coop pen so that the baby chick that is due to hatch on Wed will not be able to get out. I have no idea if the little guy is going to make it with it getting colder out there. I also have to clean out the grow out pen so that we can put the dogs in there over next weekend for out vacation.

What a day

Friday, September 16, 2011
Today I spent with my older sister doing some thrift store shopping. I have been in need of clothes for sometime since I gained a bunch of weight over the last 3 to 4 years. Today was the day. between what I bought and what my sister help buy I got enough clothes to last for some time as long as I don't get any bigger or lose a bunch of weight. What is funny is that I don't look like I weight what I do so no believes me when I say I wear a size 14/16 and sometimes bigger, just depending on the way something is made. Being that I am not even 5 foot tall it is hard to see that  I am that big. When I gained the weight at age 40 I gained it just right so I got bigger all over not just here and there. Yes I got a bigger rear larger on top and bigger round, but I don't really care I am happy and healthy.
Some of the clothes that I got my sister picked out and they were a perfect match for me. I did pick out two things that did not fit me and looked great on my sister so she got them. Let me just say finding clothes for a short over size large busted person is not easy at all. Most of the time pants are to long, shirts are to tight or to short or it is just to old looking for me. I might be 43 but I don't have to dress like I am. For the most part I am a jeans and tee-shirt girl but I am now getting to where I really like skirts as long as they go to my ankles.
Over the weekend I am going to try to get the house back in order and get all the laundry done. I also need to do two rounds on the blanket that I am making so that I will be able to have it done by the end of the month. I also need to take some of the roosters to the auction since I have 10 to many. I just hope that I will be able to catch them in the morning. I have have to have the grow out pen ready for the dogs for next weekend while we are out of town for the weekend. It is going to be a busy weekend and week.

Some of the Roosters need to go

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Harry(son of Speckles)

Mr. Fancy Pants(will be out of here)

Mr. Fancy

Out of here, no white chickens

Out of here 2

These are the 6 roosters that I have. I have no ideal what breed Oreo and Mr. fancy  are. I think Mr. fancy Pants is a RIR and Harry is a Barred Rock mutt. I  really don't want any white chicken for out here everyone thinks that are Tyson chickens for I live in Tyson country. You can not make good money with them.

UPDATE: I am down to three roosters to keep, but that is still way more than I need. I will just wait and see which of them becomes a good roosters for the girls and that will be the last of it. I know that might be a bit.

Loving the changing of the weather

I love the changing of the weather for I get to start doing crafts that are big and bulky. I am finding that knitting goes faster that crochet and look much nicer. I am still learning all there is to do with knitting I still have a long way to go. I have already got about 15% of the blanket done and I plan to work on in daily till it is done. That should be the end of the month or sooner. I would like to get back to sewing too but need to get supplies. I always need something for one of the crafts that I do.
The garden is about done for the year. I still have tomatoes, peppers and watermelon growing but not sure if I will get any off the plants. I do not plan on getting any heirloom plants anymore for I find that they are not worth it. I got a tomato this yr and only got about 12 tomato off the plant but also we had a very hot summer. I am thinking of trying a small herb garden in the house for the winter and see if it will grow.
I am going to have to figure out which of the roosters that I am going to be getting rid of or butching. I have a 6 roosters and 11(2 hens 9 pullets) that ratio is  not good, and that is just the main coop. The pen is like 7 roosters 4 pullets. I only got 2/2 with my WLRC and they are going to be my meat birds. That is going to be a slow start. I might not get any eggs form my pullets till next spring, for I have no ideal for sure if there line came from a hatchery or if they are heirloom breeds. All I do know is that I bought eggs at the local auction, hatched them and I got chickens. I don't know much about the breed that I have or any of that.
Well, we are going to be going to Hot Spring AR at the end of the month so I have to move chickens out of the pen so I can put the dogs in there for the weekend. I also have to get rid of some of the roosters. That will have to happen this weekend. I will post pictures of the roosters and put a pole up for all to help.

Not much going on here

Monday, September 12, 2011
Not a whole lot going on right now. Thelma ended up breaking one of her eggs so now she just has the one. All the other chickens are staying locked up most of the time since I have no idea what go the two that I did lose. I am starting to let them out a bit in the evening once DH is home if he gets home in time for them to have 2 hours out.
The weather is starting to change and I love it. The last two days has been a bit on the warmer side and with out a A/C going what a bit much to take. It is 9:30 at night and is 70°.Look like it is going to be on the warm side tomorrow too. After that it will cool down and looks like we might get some rain.
I started a knitted afghan today, let hope that I can get it done. I have been working on it most of the day once I found a pattern that I liked. I have not done a lot of knitting and so I am working on learning as I go. I know most all that I need to know it is just getting it to do what it is suppose to do. The pattern that I am using is one that just using a knit and purl stitches so it is some what easy. I will post pictures of it once I get it done, that might be a while.
We did try to get the ice machine to work this weekend now we are going to have to buy a new part for it that is going to run like $55 so we are not going to have that fixed for a time. get the freezer to get out of layaway, The cat to get fixed and our vacation to take all happen in like the next month.
I have to get the house cleaned back up and get the chicken wire around the bottom of the chicken coop so that the baby chick will not be able to get out. I need to work on that soon since the weather is going to be turning to rain. I also have to get a pig pen build by the 4th of Oct or I will lose my pig that I have picked out that was born on my birthday. I am hoping that I will be able to get that done this weekend.
Well it is time for me to watch the weather and then off the bed.

Lost another chicken

Wednesday, September 7, 2011
Well I am sitting by the window and I heard a rucks and there was something getting Blackie. I did not know it was Blackie at the time but after getting all the other chickens grouped I found out it was her. I think it was a fox of something small like that. I am going to keep the chickens locked up from now on. I had having to do that for I like the FREE pest control that they are giving me.
I can not get the chickens to go into there coop at this time but they are staying close to the house now. I will get them all in tonight and they will stay in.
I do love it out here but I think I am going to have to find a place that is not right up again woods. I guess as long as it is in the country I will be okay with it. I might not get to see as much wild life but what else can I do. Renting is a better idea for us since DH don't really have time to do repairs, and we don't have to funds to hire someone to do them. I would really like to have a place that I can call my own but is it really worth it.

Tiny is gone.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
To day I found a bunch of feathers and had no idea what had happen till I called all the chickens to see who was not there and it was Tiny my little rump less rooster. I have no idea what got him for all I saw was some fluff feathers. Nothing else at all. He just turned 17 weeks this last Sat.
R.I.P 9/6/11

Pictures of the twins

Thursday, September 1, 2011
I just notices that I never posted the pictures of the twins. I am not sure if I have one of each but that do look a lot a like.
I have planned a trip to Hot springs AR for a weekend. The weekend that we are going is going to be a good weekend to go since Charlies Daniels Band is going to be there and we are going to get to see them for free. I think that we really need to have some time away from home and I hope that we are going to be able to do it a bit more often.
We are not going to be looking for a house for a time, but we might look into getting some land that is close to where we are now and building on it later.