Sink out of order

Friday, August 5, 2011
I was going past the bathroom and this is what I saw. I have been waiting for this to happen, since he has been laying right next to it for a week now. He put his "bed in the sink and that was the start of it.

I am happy to say that Harry was not one of the chickens that was killed yesterday. Harry is the only rooster that I have from Speckles and I plan on keeping him.I hope that he look as good the older ones did. I am now keeping all the chickens in the coop/run and at night they are all put in the coop. For the time they have to stay in the run till I make sure that the Bobcat that I saw yesterday is not still around. I don't think the Bobcat was what got the chickens the night before last. What got them had to be a coon, skunk or opossum.
Begin that yesterday was my Birthday not all was bad, My neighbors pig gave birth to 9 piglets and I might get one of them,but this one would be for breeding. I will see what happen in the next 8 weeks. That is when the piglets will be old enough to leave there mother.


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