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Monday, August 1, 2011
This weekend was a bit of a busy one for us. We(I should say my DH) build me a door on the pen so that I can now get in to it a bit easier. I moved the 17 middle chicks to the main coop after we sold the 5 roosters that were in there. That left me with 35 total. Then moved the 12 littles out to the pen. Yea no more chicks in the house. This make me very happy for now I can start to clean up that room and turn it in to a craft room for me. I would love to be able to start sewing on some clothes for myself. I like to sew and do other crafts but with the A/C not working to well in the living room and back to our room I don't do many. The room that I am going to turn in to a craft room is one of the coldest rooms in the house.
The weather is still very hot here, and is going to be for a while longer from what the weather man is saying. My yard looks dead as can be and the chickens are not liking it to much. They spent most of the day under DH's truck or the propane tank. I  There are lots of bug for them but the grass is just not there for them. I have been very lucky that they have not really gotten into the garden, but then I have some fencing around it so they should not be able to. They have all the feed they can eat too.
I have started a budget so that I can try to save money for a house and a vacation. We would really like to take a vacation for we never really have. We are planning on going to Walt Disney World for our anniversary this next year. To do this I am having to really watch ever penny and that is hard when I am not the one with the money. DH does a great job of getting the bills paid and not really spend what we don't have. I on the other hand am not as good at it. I can make the budget and see what we should have left over, but there is never any left over. I hope with the budget in place there will be. If I did all the math right we should have our trip money and have a good start on a down payment for a house. We will see what happens. I am starting as of today since it is the first of the month.


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