making menus for the time to come

Thursday, August 18, 2011
I have started to make menus again. I am trying to make around 8 different ones to have on hand.  By making menus you can save money by know what you are going to be having. Also you can work with what is on sale to make your meal plans. I learned that most stores rotate what is on sale about every 12 weeks or so. I keep a close eye on the sale ads for 4 different store in our area. One of the stores sale is for two weeks at a time. I also shop at 2 local discount store that has dented and discounted items. We get some of our canned good there as well as some other things. I NEVER shop at Walmart for you do not save money there. Even if you try to comp you will not save money for they do not comp a lot of the brand that they do not care. Now that there is a Aldi's in Harrison I can start to stock up on stuff at a lower price.
I did hear that dairy items were going to go up in price because of the drought that we had this summer. I might have to just keep powder milk on hand since we really don't drink that much milk. I use it mostly for cooking, and I like the powder milk too. Right now milk is not to bad at one of our local stores when we us are points card, it is like $2.99 a gal. Most of the time we only buy one every two weeks, unless we are eating a lot of cereal. I also use a lot of heavy cream and half and half.
I make most of my own mixes and try very hard not to buy boxed or per made stuff unless I really have to. I don't like all the crap that is put into them so that they can stay on the shelf for years. I like to know what is in my food and sometimes that means spending a bit more. I make our own Ice Cream and pudding mixes, along with a lot of other mixes. You can see them all at my username there is Ms Mayhams. There are a lot of the recipes that I have not tried yet but I am working on it.
Well here are the two menus that I have gotten done so far. After I get more done I will be able to mix and match them as to what is on sale either that week or the week before.week 1week 2 Some of the recipes that are in these are new to try. I might spend a little extra money now on stuff for the mixes but most of the stuff is stuff that I really should already have on hand. See in the summer I let my store run down so that I will have fresh in the winter. Also I have not been using some of it this year as of yet.
At some time I am going to start dehydrating and canning. I will have to get all the stuff so that I can can but I can dehydrate now. I got some tomatoes in my kitchen window now that I will dehydrate later this week, so that I can make Cream of tomato soup in a jar. There are a lot of "in a jar" recipes that I would like to make to have on hand for winter time in case the power goes out for any amount of time.
Well this is it for tonight  I hope every one is doing well.


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