Fresh vs convenient and a rant

Thursday, August 25, 2011
I was on the phone with my best friend being her muse for a homework project that she was working on and we got to talking about the timing of convenient food vs homemade or fresh food cooking.
So this is my views on that.
I feel that these so called convenient food take just as much time as it would to make it homemade. I made biscuits this evening and I feel that it would have taken me just as long to go to the frig get a roll out open it and place them on the baking sheet, plus I like the idea of getting my hands dirty making them.
How about making gravy I say it takes the same time to open the package and add water as it does to just add flour to a pan of drippings and them some milk or water and seasonings. I also feel a lot better about knowing that there are not any chemicals in what I have just cooked. There are so many of them out there and we don't even see a lot of there names on the package for the call it "spice" or "artificial flavoring" and with the two word groups they can put just about anything in the package.
I do not like the idea that what the stores call fresh has really been on the shelf for days already then we just take it home and in the freezer it goes. I don't have anything again freezing foods but if it has bee frozen the defrosted and frozen again that is just not good. We have no idea what "fresh" really is. A lot of countries have open markets where you go and shop for you dinner the day you are going to cook the meal. We don't have anything like that at all, well not where I am at. So to have this we grow our own food and a lot of us don't even do that.

There is so much that I could rant about but then I might really make some mad at my views. I think we all could rant about so many things here in the USA that there are a lot of us out there that think we could do better than the government. I am sure we could. Look at how many third world countries are taking over there country and throwing there leaders out of office. Are they better off, we will just have to wait ans see. We send money to other countries and then talk about not having enough for our own. Well lets take care of our own. There are many right here in the USA that need help. We keep moving our "job market" over to other countries for it is cheaper. Now the people that lost there jobs have no job, no home and can not take care of there family. We that still have all this are very luck, for so many out there don't. So if you have the room to grow a little extra for a neighbor that is having a hard time of it that is great. give some extra eggs to some one that is with out. Are you culling out something can you share with some one that is running out. I will help them that help them selves but I will not help some one that will not help them selves. : Example: we cut wood for heat the next door neighbor says they will help, they come over load up there car with wood go home upload and then come back after we are all done, all they did was help themselves to wood that I worked very hard to cut for my heat and made me have to cut more for myself.


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