For the time to come

Saturday, August 20, 2011
I am not sure what all is going to happen but we now know that DH company has been bough out by Butterball and that is a good thing, but we are going to have a week with no pay check so I have to work over the next two weeks to make extra for dinner to save for that week. We do have some money saved for that time since DH did get his vacation pay from the old company. We did go today and put a freezer on Lay-a -way at Sears. We got it for $499.00 and that is the only freezer that we found that had all I wanted and was the cheapest. If we get threw the next three week we will go get it and not long after that Bacon(the pig) will be going in there. I wish I had it now but this was the best way for use to do stuff since we are going to be with out a pay check for a week might not go as we are planning. I am sure that everything will be just find but in this day and age it is better to be save than sorry.


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