Doing it yourself

Monday, August 15, 2011
I am going to start doing a lot of homemade mixes and "gift in jars" type of food to have on hand. I have saved a bunch or recipes at that I will be trying. I will be adding to it as time goes on. I already make a some different spice mixes that I keep on hand. With the way the weather has been this year I had better get ready for a very cold hard long winter and have some stuff stocked up. I will do a bunch of jarred soups and homemade mixes along with buying some canned meats and other stuff from Honeyville that is a place that had freeze dried food product that I will use. I will start to dehydrate some fruit and veggies as they go on sale in the freezer section of the store. Dehydrate2store is a web site that can help teach you how to dehydrate foods for long term storage.
There is a lot that I have to get to be able to do this like jars and little zip lock bags.I would also like to get a new dehydrator that is a lot better than what I now have. I will also have to have a place to store all this food that I get, thankfully I have two bedrooms that we really don't use. I plan on turning one into a guest room for when any one comes to visit(not to often does that happen). The other one is going to be storage and a place for me to do crafts, after I get it cleaned out from the baby chicks being in there.

I looked at the back of a package of instant mash potatoes and about hit the floor when I saw all the junk that is in them. A bunch of crap that our bodies really don't need when you are trying to live a nature life. There are just some things that you just can not get away form but at least I try to. I no longer use powdered coffee creamer, it is flammable. I go for half and half, heavy cream or milk now.

I will start to stock up as of this week. What do you keep stocked up at your house?


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