Changing it up

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
I had to change up my week 1 menu some for I forgot a few things at the store. I did not have the right type of steak for the chicken fingers so I just made the steaks that I had with the potatoes and peas and carrots. The potatoes were very good, and I had enough for two 16 oz containers for the freezer for later. For the Chicken Parmesan I breading my chicken and used canned sauce and made Angel hair pasta.There was enough left for 2 serving of pasta and sauce and 4 pieces of chicken for a later date. The Reeses Squares are very good and I think the next time that I make them I will make patties and dip them in the chocolate. The Waffles are also very good, I am going to take some of the reviews advice and see how they are with the malt once I can get some. The chicken taco meat was not all that great so I will go back to doing it the way I always do it. Cook the chicken then shred it and add the season mix and water. It has a better flavor that way, basically the same as with ground meats.
Tomorrow I will be making the Chicken stroganoff and I am sure there will be leftovers that will go in the freezer. I am not going to be making the Pork Chops that way for I don't have the type that is needed for that recipe, but I will be having Pork Chops. The Chops that I have are about an inch thick so I will do them some way. There are going to be a couple things that I don't make off the menu. Friday is our night to go out. Weekend I don't plan our dinners since we try to do our shopping on Saturday. The only thing is is that DH is going to be working this weekend with all the stuff that is going on at work.
I am working on trying to have stuff int he freezer for the week that we are not going to be getting a very good pay check. I will have some meat in the freezer but not that much. Most of the meat that we buy is stuff that is reduced for sale since it is getting close to the date that it can no longer be sold. I also watch the sale ads to see what is on sale. I will be doing that tomorrow for that is when all the sale ads come out.


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