Thelma has gone broody

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Well she did it again, only this time I was able to get 2 eggs for her to sit on after she had already been sitting on the nest for a few days. I am only going to let her have to two if they hatch. I don't like the idea that she is doing this for now I am only getting 1 egg a day. I am hoping that the twins will start to lay soon.
From the poll that I placed here there names would be sugar and spice. I am going to re post it for more time. I wish people would vote I have it open for all to vote without having to follow my blog.
I also have a game going just for the fun of it, again comment can be made with out following my blog.

Lets play a game(please join in)

Saturday, August 27, 2011
Yesterday my husband and I were on our way home for going out to dinner and I had said something like " there sure are a lot of different way to look at FORD"
What I mean is
FORD = Flip Over Read Directions
FORD = First On Race Day
and there are many more.

The game is what ones do you know and I know there is one for CHEVROLET and some of the trucking companies out there, do you know of any. Is there one for DODGE, SATURN, LINCOLN, or how about BMW OR VW.

These is only one rule KEEP IT CLEAN.
Just leave a comment with what you know. I would love to see what is out there.

Fresh vs convenient and a rant

Thursday, August 25, 2011
I was on the phone with my best friend being her muse for a homework project that she was working on and we got to talking about the timing of convenient food vs homemade or fresh food cooking.
So this is my views on that.
I feel that these so called convenient food take just as much time as it would to make it homemade. I made biscuits this evening and I feel that it would have taken me just as long to go to the frig get a roll out open it and place them on the baking sheet, plus I like the idea of getting my hands dirty making them.
How about making gravy I say it takes the same time to open the package and add water as it does to just add flour to a pan of drippings and them some milk or water and seasonings. I also feel a lot better about knowing that there are not any chemicals in what I have just cooked. There are so many of them out there and we don't even see a lot of there names on the package for the call it "spice" or "artificial flavoring" and with the two word groups they can put just about anything in the package.
I do not like the idea that what the stores call fresh has really been on the shelf for days already then we just take it home and in the freezer it goes. I don't have anything again freezing foods but if it has bee frozen the defrosted and frozen again that is just not good. We have no idea what "fresh" really is. A lot of countries have open markets where you go and shop for you dinner the day you are going to cook the meal. We don't have anything like that at all, well not where I am at. So to have this we grow our own food and a lot of us don't even do that.

There is so much that I could rant about but then I might really make some mad at my views. I think we all could rant about so many things here in the USA that there are a lot of us out there that think we could do better than the government. I am sure we could. Look at how many third world countries are taking over there country and throwing there leaders out of office. Are they better off, we will just have to wait ans see. We send money to other countries and then talk about not having enough for our own. Well lets take care of our own. There are many right here in the USA that need help. We keep moving our "job market" over to other countries for it is cheaper. Now the people that lost there jobs have no job, no home and can not take care of there family. We that still have all this are very luck, for so many out there don't. So if you have the room to grow a little extra for a neighbor that is having a hard time of it that is great. give some extra eggs to some one that is with out. Are you culling out something can you share with some one that is running out. I will help them that help them selves but I will not help some one that will not help them selves. : Example: we cut wood for heat the next door neighbor says they will help, they come over load up there car with wood go home upload and then come back after we are all done, all they did was help themselves to wood that I worked very hard to cut for my heat and made me have to cut more for myself.

What a veiw

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
I know that I would love to stay here but I also would like to move to my own place, but this is one thing that I will miss if I don't find a place that has the wild life like this.
Doe and her two fawns

This is just some of the Deer that I have seen on the land that I am on. DH has seen lots more in the mornings while on his way to work. So far that I know of he has seen an Elk, a bear and lots more deer. We also see rabbits, skunks, and one I think I saw a bob cat but am not for sure.
I would really like to stay in the area but there just is not anything in the area for sale in our price range.

Changing it up

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
I had to change up my week 1 menu some for I forgot a few things at the store. I did not have the right type of steak for the chicken fingers so I just made the steaks that I had with the potatoes and peas and carrots. The potatoes were very good, and I had enough for two 16 oz containers for the freezer for later. For the Chicken Parmesan I breading my chicken and used canned sauce and made Angel hair pasta.There was enough left for 2 serving of pasta and sauce and 4 pieces of chicken for a later date. The Reeses Squares are very good and I think the next time that I make them I will make patties and dip them in the chocolate. The Waffles are also very good, I am going to take some of the reviews advice and see how they are with the malt once I can get some. The chicken taco meat was not all that great so I will go back to doing it the way I always do it. Cook the chicken then shred it and add the season mix and water. It has a better flavor that way, basically the same as with ground meats.
Tomorrow I will be making the Chicken stroganoff and I am sure there will be leftovers that will go in the freezer. I am not going to be making the Pork Chops that way for I don't have the type that is needed for that recipe, but I will be having Pork Chops. The Chops that I have are about an inch thick so I will do them some way. There are going to be a couple things that I don't make off the menu. Friday is our night to go out. Weekend I don't plan our dinners since we try to do our shopping on Saturday. The only thing is is that DH is going to be working this weekend with all the stuff that is going on at work.
I am working on trying to have stuff int he freezer for the week that we are not going to be getting a very good pay check. I will have some meat in the freezer but not that much. Most of the meat that we buy is stuff that is reduced for sale since it is getting close to the date that it can no longer be sold. I also watch the sale ads to see what is on sale. I will be doing that tomorrow for that is when all the sale ads come out.

For the time to come

Saturday, August 20, 2011
I am not sure what all is going to happen but we now know that DH company has been bough out by Butterball and that is a good thing, but we are going to have a week with no pay check so I have to work over the next two weeks to make extra for dinner to save for that week. We do have some money saved for that time since DH did get his vacation pay from the old company. We did go today and put a freezer on Lay-a -way at Sears. We got it for $499.00 and that is the only freezer that we found that had all I wanted and was the cheapest. If we get threw the next three week we will go get it and not long after that Bacon(the pig) will be going in there. I wish I had it now but this was the best way for use to do stuff since we are going to be with out a pay check for a week might not go as we are planning. I am sure that everything will be just find but in this day and age it is better to be save than sorry.

making menus for the time to come

Thursday, August 18, 2011
I have started to make menus again. I am trying to make around 8 different ones to have on hand.  By making menus you can save money by know what you are going to be having. Also you can work with what is on sale to make your meal plans. I learned that most stores rotate what is on sale about every 12 weeks or so. I keep a close eye on the sale ads for 4 different store in our area. One of the stores sale is for two weeks at a time. I also shop at 2 local discount store that has dented and discounted items. We get some of our canned good there as well as some other things. I NEVER shop at Walmart for you do not save money there. Even if you try to comp you will not save money for they do not comp a lot of the brand that they do not care. Now that there is a Aldi's in Harrison I can start to stock up on stuff at a lower price.
I did hear that dairy items were going to go up in price because of the drought that we had this summer. I might have to just keep powder milk on hand since we really don't drink that much milk. I use it mostly for cooking, and I like the powder milk too. Right now milk is not to bad at one of our local stores when we us are points card, it is like $2.99 a gal. Most of the time we only buy one every two weeks, unless we are eating a lot of cereal. I also use a lot of heavy cream and half and half.
I make most of my own mixes and try very hard not to buy boxed or per made stuff unless I really have to. I don't like all the crap that is put into them so that they can stay on the shelf for years. I like to know what is in my food and sometimes that means spending a bit more. I make our own Ice Cream and pudding mixes, along with a lot of other mixes. You can see them all at my username there is Ms Mayhams. There are a lot of the recipes that I have not tried yet but I am working on it.
Well here are the two menus that I have gotten done so far. After I get more done I will be able to mix and match them as to what is on sale either that week or the week before.week 1week 2 Some of the recipes that are in these are new to try. I might spend a little extra money now on stuff for the mixes but most of the stuff is stuff that I really should already have on hand. See in the summer I let my store run down so that I will have fresh in the winter. Also I have not been using some of it this year as of yet.
At some time I am going to start dehydrating and canning. I will have to get all the stuff so that I can can but I can dehydrate now. I got some tomatoes in my kitchen window now that I will dehydrate later this week, so that I can make Cream of tomato soup in a jar. There are a lot of "in a jar" recipes that I would like to make to have on hand for winter time in case the power goes out for any amount of time.
Well this is it for tonight  I hope every one is doing well.

Doing it yourself

Monday, August 15, 2011
I am going to start doing a lot of homemade mixes and "gift in jars" type of food to have on hand. I have saved a bunch or recipes at that I will be trying. I will be adding to it as time goes on. I already make a some different spice mixes that I keep on hand. With the way the weather has been this year I had better get ready for a very cold hard long winter and have some stuff stocked up. I will do a bunch of jarred soups and homemade mixes along with buying some canned meats and other stuff from Honeyville that is a place that had freeze dried food product that I will use. I will start to dehydrate some fruit and veggies as they go on sale in the freezer section of the store. Dehydrate2store is a web site that can help teach you how to dehydrate foods for long term storage.
There is a lot that I have to get to be able to do this like jars and little zip lock bags.I would also like to get a new dehydrator that is a lot better than what I now have. I will also have to have a place to store all this food that I get, thankfully I have two bedrooms that we really don't use. I plan on turning one into a guest room for when any one comes to visit(not to often does that happen). The other one is going to be storage and a place for me to do crafts, after I get it cleaned out from the baby chicks being in there.

I looked at the back of a package of instant mash potatoes and about hit the floor when I saw all the junk that is in them. A bunch of crap that our bodies really don't need when you are trying to live a nature life. There are just some things that you just can not get away form but at least I try to. I no longer use powdered coffee creamer, it is flammable. I go for half and half, heavy cream or milk now.

I will start to stock up as of this week. What do you keep stocked up at your house?

Getting out of the house

Sunday, August 7, 2011
Yesterday DH and I decided to get out of the house for a bit but first we had to wait till all the chicken when in to there coop/run, which they did at around 3 pm. Here are some pictures of the chickens after we got back. Most of them are in the first one.

We decided to go to War Eagle Mill and Cavern but it was kinda late so we really did not get to do anything but the drive was nice and so was the place. We will go back at a later date to do the cavern. I hope that I might be able to get some of the grains that they grind there to use. They are a bit on the high side but I think it would be worth it for ground grains.

This might have not been in the budget but it did not take us over budget either. It was only like a 30 to 45 minute drive and that was better than sitting at home in a house that the A/C don't work in very well. Looks like I might be in my room a bit this next week.
The heat is really doing a number on me and the chickens. I just walked out to check on the little one and found one of my WLRC dead. The WLRC are suppose to be my meat bird I hope. It all depend on if I have enough hens and a rooster to go with them. I will keep them in the pen to hatch the eggs for neat birds. Upon some reading I have found that they can be quit broody and that would be good for I don't like having them in the house to much. to much dust.

Sink out of order

Friday, August 5, 2011
I was going past the bathroom and this is what I saw. I have been waiting for this to happen, since he has been laying right next to it for a week now. He put his "bed in the sink and that was the start of it.

I am happy to say that Harry was not one of the chickens that was killed yesterday. Harry is the only rooster that I have from Speckles and I plan on keeping him.I hope that he look as good the older ones did. I am now keeping all the chickens in the coop/run and at night they are all put in the coop. For the time they have to stay in the run till I make sure that the Bobcat that I saw yesterday is not still around. I don't think the Bobcat was what got the chickens the night before last. What got them had to be a coon, skunk or opossum.
Begin that yesterday was my Birthday not all was bad, My neighbors pig gave birth to 9 piglets and I might get one of them,but this one would be for breeding. I will see what happen in the next 8 weeks. That is when the piglets will be old enough to leave there mother.

Bad night

Thursday, August 4, 2011
Last night I lost three of my middle chicks, something I think a coop just ripped two of there head off through the fence and one of them he got all the way through the fence. Harry was the one that there was nothing but feathers left. the other two I think were also roosters but not for sure. My little ones that are in the pen are all still there.
Tonight they will all be in the coop with the poop door closed, and every night from now on. I really don't want to lose any more. I am not sure what I will be doing to help keep them save. I know that I have to put some chicken wire around the bottom of the run, but I would like to use hard cloth.

That is the worst B-day present that a person can get.

Random stuff

Monday, August 1, 2011
This weekend was a bit of a busy one for us. We(I should say my DH) build me a door on the pen so that I can now get in to it a bit easier. I moved the 17 middle chicks to the main coop after we sold the 5 roosters that were in there. That left me with 35 total. Then moved the 12 littles out to the pen. Yea no more chicks in the house. This make me very happy for now I can start to clean up that room and turn it in to a craft room for me. I would love to be able to start sewing on some clothes for myself. I like to sew and do other crafts but with the A/C not working to well in the living room and back to our room I don't do many. The room that I am going to turn in to a craft room is one of the coldest rooms in the house.
The weather is still very hot here, and is going to be for a while longer from what the weather man is saying. My yard looks dead as can be and the chickens are not liking it to much. They spent most of the day under DH's truck or the propane tank. I  There are lots of bug for them but the grass is just not there for them. I have been very lucky that they have not really gotten into the garden, but then I have some fencing around it so they should not be able to. They have all the feed they can eat too.
I have started a budget so that I can try to save money for a house and a vacation. We would really like to take a vacation for we never really have. We are planning on going to Walt Disney World for our anniversary this next year. To do this I am having to really watch ever penny and that is hard when I am not the one with the money. DH does a great job of getting the bills paid and not really spend what we don't have. I on the other hand am not as good at it. I can make the budget and see what we should have left over, but there is never any left over. I hope with the budget in place there will be. If I did all the math right we should have our trip money and have a good start on a down payment for a house. We will see what happens. I am starting as of today since it is the first of the month.