Surviving the summer

Monday, July 18, 2011
This summer is getting to be a very hot one to me. It is not so much the heat but more the humidity that is getting me, and to think this is really the first year that I have had A/C where I live. The A/C here don't work that good but at least it keeps the humidity down in the house. I don't think we really had a spring time this year. We had like 24 inches of rain in May and now no rain at all. We are going into drought like conditions.  I have to water the garden at least once if not twice a day just to keep it going. The grass(what there is of it) is all but dead in most areas of the yard.
I am doing laundry today and just going out to hang it up is almost more than I can deal with. I am also trying to clean the house up since I have not been keeping up with it. I got most of my room done still have the bathroom area to finish and cleaning off dressers. (chicken races out the window) I might not get much more than that done today. I really have to get the kitchen done. I have been seeing signs or mice and the cats are not doing there jobs to well(its hard with child safety latches on the doors). I am starting to open cabinets for them to get in to them so that they can get them.


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