Snake in the coop

Thursday, July 7, 2011
Well this morning I was going to look in the coop to see what had to be done and looking for eggs and there was a Black snake on the floor. I tried to call someone to help me get it out but there was no one around. I watched it go out of the coop and left to go to the house and when I went back a bit later it was in the nest box trying to eat a plastic Easter egg. Well, I pinned it to the wall with the rake and tried again to see if there was anyone out the help me and there was not, so I used the rake to move it out of the coop and with the back side of the rake I beat the ever living poop out of it and it is dead. I think that is what might have gotten on of my chicks a week or so back. This snake was around 5 ft+.
All I have to say is that any snake that is in my coop is a dead one if I can kill it. They can be out in the yard but you mess with my chickens or eggs and you are dead. I know that black snakes are good for rats, mice and other "bad" snakes but hey it was in my nest box that are 4 ft off the floor.
We are going to be doing some fixing to the coop and around it so that I hope that no more snakes can get into the coop to get my eggs. I am only have two hen that are laying at this time and we can eat 4 eggs a day if we both eat eggs in the same day. Over the weekend I can use 6 to 10 eggs for a breakfast casserole.
I do have two more pullets that should be laying here in the next few weeks, they are starting to get redder in the face and are losing there teen feathers. I can not wait till they are laying, I just hope that they lay in the next boxes and not out in the yard some place.


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