nice tea blend

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
I love to drink tea but get tired of just plain tea so I mix it up. Here is today's blend:
2 Organic green tea with lemon grass tea bag
2 Chamomile tea bags
1 Gingerbread spice tea bag
1/4 cup sugar
I boil the tea bag and mix it with the sugar in a 1/2 gallon pitcher. I place it in the frig to get it cold. I would server over ice but I don't have any ice at this time. my ice make is broke and I don't have room for ice trays in the freezer.

We are working on ways to save money all the time. Right now we are looking at getting a large freezer so that we can start butchering our chicken. We already have a pig to go into the freezer that we are going to have butchered in the fall. I think if we do the pig, and some of the chickens along with some deer(if we get any) we should not have to buy any meat for the year. I plan to raise rabbits for meat also but that is going to be next yr or so. We are going to start fishing sometime soon and that will give up fish. I know that we might not catch as much as we would like to have but what ever we do catch is cheaper than buying at the store. I hope to have a much bigger garden next year so that I can can and freeze for the winter. I would also like to get some grapes, and different berry plants. I might buy from local farmer at the farmers market also. Right now I really don't have the room to store a lot of food, but then are are still looking for the right place.

I would like to be to where we only have to buy the very basics at the store like flour, sugar, coffee and the likes.


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