New place for the tweens

Saturday, July 9, 2011
We are building a new grow out pen for the tweens. I have to try and have it all done tomorrow so that I can move the 5 weeks out to it and also put the Houdini triplets in there, for they keep getting out of the main coop hence there name. Money is very tight so we are using everything and anything that we can find around the yard. We did have to buy around $100 worth of fencing, hinges, staples for the fencing and latches. Dh is not really likeing the idea of having to do work on the weekend when it is very hot out but we do most of the work in the early morning and later in the evening so that we are not out in the heat of the day. Right now as I write this it is 9:30 and still 86° outside.
the coop area to be, this is just for shelter from rain and at night,or for a broody hen later.
The start of the frame work

After we have taken the swings, teeter swing, and slide off and add the sides to hold the poultry netting


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