Friday, July 22, 2011
My husband and I are looking for our first house and I would like to know if any of you might be able to give me advice on what to look for as we look for houses. I know there is a long road to house ownership but there are also a lot of you that have most likely already taken that long road. I am looking for what you should look for in a house before you buy it.. I have been looking for sometime and with the places that my husband and I have already been in we got screwed blued and tattooed each and every time, but we also did not go through a mortgage company we did owner finance. We still have around 6 month till we really can start to looking but I always look. I have 3 or 4 websites that I use in my area.
How did the home inspection go, did they find all that was wrong or did you find stuff later?
Did you get all you wanted or did you compromise? EXAMPLE wanted 2 bath and got 1 with the idea to build one later.
Please write in the comment section. I will answer all that I can.
 At times I feel so lost as to what I really would like to have in a home that I keep changing my mind. I know that I would like to have a good size kitchen so that I can start to can and store what I do can. Room to be able to cook the way I really love to cook. Two bathrooms would be really nice even with just the two of us. I would like to have a guest room and a craft area so I can start to sew my own clothes. I would also like to have room for all the animals that I would like to have. Right now I just have my chickens and my pig is still at my landlords.
We really do not have an option to buy land and put a house on it that would just cost us more than we can spent. We have to get something that is already build and on good land.
Thank you all for answering and if you would like to keep up with what is going on just follow the blog.


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