How the garden grows

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Well, the garden is doing good. I have had some tomato horn worms that got some of the tomatoes and leaves. I also had something get the tops of my carrots a time back. The lettuce and spinach I gave to the chickens so that they would have some greens while they were on lock down. The temperatures have been a bit on the hot side so starting anything else at this time is not going to happen. I might try to start something later in the year for a fall/winter harvest.
I would like to start some berry plants this next year so that I can have more and not have to pay for them. I really do like berries. We do have some wild black berries around here but most of the berries are small for there is not enough water this year to water them. I don't water them for they are so far from the water hose, up in the woods too. The strawberries that are here did not bare any fruit at all. Being that we are in a rental I really don't what to plant all the berry plants in the ground and I thing that putting them in pots could be hard to move on some of them.
We are still looking at place that are in the area of where we are now to see if there is anything that we like. Most of what is in the area is over our price range or is smaller than we would like to have. We still have over 6 months before we really can even try to buy a place. I do really like where we are it is just that is in no MINE and I still have to watch what I do here, but for the most part can do what I want like it was mine. The big thing is for us it is big enough but still not enough room for all that I would like to do. I don't have a craft room and all the room are a bit on the small side. Having the whole yard fenced would be a nice thing too so that I could have more of the animals that I would like to have, but then I am not sure how I would feed them at this time for work is slowing down for DH.


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